Got an old piece of furniture tucked away?
Or better still, lying in plain sight?

Revive it with some cbd oil, the magic potion that can years to a wooden furniture’s life!

Just dab some of it on a piece of lint-free rag or a paintbrush and let it lick every nook and cranny of any faded wooden construction. (We recommend the former for larger surfaces and the latter for finer, smaller pieces). Buff any leftover oil from the surface with the rag. Let it sit for 12-24 hours before it starts curing. Depending on the temperature and the humidity of your region, the oiled furniture takes anywhere between 15-24 hours for the cure to start forming and 2-4 weeks for it to settle completely.

Furniture Cbd Oil

The furniture cbd oil works its magic on all wooden surfaces. Dry wood, wooden cupboards, sliders, tables, chairs, drawers, decks, fence, shutters, sidings, banisters, you name it. Even chopping boards and table tops as well! Anxious about your food coming in contact with the synthetics? Don’t worry. Unlike varnishes and other wooden coatings, furniture cbd oils don’t have any. Extracted from cbd seeds, they are 100% pure and organic. In fact, you can chop your way through tomatoes, melons, and pineapples and cranberries-basically anything liquid-emitting at all, without fearing liquid wear. For just add an extra coating or two following the completion of the first cure cycle will render the surface completely water resistant!

And also completely solvent-less. The absence of solvent not only makes it environment-friendly but also allows this less-viscous liquid to penetrate through a wooden surface’s fine pores and lock the binded the particles from within, bringing out the fine wood-grain and leaving an old furniture sparkling new. You can also smear it all-over dry wood or dab it over milk or chalk paint. No matter what the surface, the furniture cbd oil will act and feel the same- a greenish oil that spurts a nutty aroma initially and almost no odor after that. It will seal your furniture’s tarnished surfaces and repair them like new. Though the color can slightly vary sometimes from a light amber to a deep greenish-brown, (depending on the region where it was harvested) the product efficacy remains the same across all brands.

Furniture Cbd Oil

Can’t wait to try your hands at furniture revival? Just go looking for an organic, natural and 100% pure cbd oil in your nearest hardware store. You can also find it easily online, where you can get your hands not only on the product itself but a variety of success stories and hacks for using the cbd oil based on the type of the furniture to yield the best results. Furniture cbd oil sure has a lot of fans!