You are now all set to start your law firm, so get the best office furniture and supplies. We admit that we all look for having a swanky office to ensure we leave a lasting impression on the minds of our prospective clients. Setting up such a stylish office requires a generous budget. While going for office furniture, you cannot ignore quality at any cost. Here is a checklist of the most significant pieces of furniture and supplies you need for your law firm to start functioning.

  • Chairs: Invest in quality leather chairs with swivel options for you and other employees of the firm. Look for chairs with high backs and offering great lumbar support to make the long hours on the desk more bearable. The chairs with armrests make for the best buy because of the comfort they offer.
  • Tables: You have the option of going for glass-topped desks. However, typical lawyers’ offices will always need to use plenty of books and heavy case files. Thus, go for heavy hardwood topped desks with drawers for the regular office work. Go for solid veneer and finish to ease maintenance regularly. Match these with the chairs to see if it complements the décor and not make the office look small in the process.
  • Shelves and Lockers: A practicing attorney will have plenty of belongings from files of cases to evidence and scores of court proceedings on paper. Invest in the best shelves for stacking these books and files. Label the shelves for easy indexing and simplified organization. Moreover, have the lockers as a part of office furniture for your law firm. Modern lockers with bio-metric locks are fire and waterproof to protect the papers safely.
  • Magazine Racks and Stands: Stylish magazine racks are essentials you never knew your office needed! These racks should be by the side of the clients’ waiting area. They need not be too stylish, but at least should not be a dump yard of old papers.
  • Trashcans: At strategic points of your law firm, have the trashcans installed. Label them to ensure no one misses it even otherwise.

With these arrangements, your law firm will be all set to function smoothly. Ensure to deck up the office, making it convenient for use by you and your office employees on equal measure. With proper and cautious planning, your office will be bustling with clients in a very short time.